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HeatedWash See the Difference!
HeatedWash See the Difference!
No more dirty clothes
from scraping when
you can't reach the
Improves driver vision
during snow and ice
storms. Removes ice
build-up on wiper
blades and arms
HeatedWash provides
quick defrosting,
defogging and de-icing
HeatedWash increases
safety for drivers --
eliminates scraping in
dark parking lots
Heated fluid is more
effective on road grime
in warm weather
AlphaTherm HeatedWash Unit
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The Revolutionary Unit for Removing:


Road Grime

Bird Droppings

Just By Using
Your Windshield Washers!
Alpha Therm Heated Wash unit will change the way you clean your windshield!
Clean your windshield like you clean your dishes; Hot always cleans  better than Cold!
The Alpha Therm heated wash is presently the only proven, effective windshield washer fluid heating system that
offers consumers both safety and convenience at an affordable price.

The Alpha Therm heated wash patented, and proprietary technology enables its heating system to heat windshield
washer fluid using a minimal amount of energy produced by the vehicle’s electrical system to remove frost, ice,
snow, bugs, glare and other debris.

The heated wash has been proven to be safe and effective in
tests on all types of windshield glass and in many
As the cleaning power of your heated windshield washer fluid goes up, the quantity that you need to use goes
down. The price of commercial windshield washer fluid is relatively low, but the impact of its toxin (mostly by
methanol) on our water system is high.   The impact of those empty washer fluid jugs is even greater.
Environmental Benefits
Korean Supplier plans for OEM Production with AlphaTherm
Heated Wash Technology for Korean Car Makers
Automotive Aftermarket
Suppliers Association
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AlphaTherm heated wash was featured on the November 6th episode of Motorhead Garage with longtime TV
car show personalities, Dave Bowman and Sam Memmolo. The focus of the show was “Winter Safety
Motorhead Garage
AlphaTherm is pleased to announce that Five Star Manufacturing is now the North American Distributor for
AlphaTherm’s aftermarket Heated Wash Product, AT-38OD.

Five Star Manufacturing manufactures Kats Engine Heaters, which is one of America’s oldest and most
trusted manufacturers of engine heating solutions for automotive and heavy duty applications.

For more information about Five Star, go to