This unit is a direct plug and play replacement that was designed to survive the
GM vehicle electrical system environment.
Compatible with ALL General Motors “GM” vehicles  with heated washer fluid option.
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Documents and test reports regarding the AlphaTherm Heated Wash units were submitted to the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration
(NHTSA) and NHTSA did not include the Alphatherm products in any Heated Wash recalls.   

•   2006-2009    Buick Lucerne
•   2008-2009    Buick Enclave
•   2006-2009    Cadillac DTS
•   2008-2009    Cadillac CTS
•   2007-2009    Cadillac Escalade, ESV, EXT
•   2007-2009    Chevrolet Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe
•        2009         Chevrolet Traverse
•   2007-2008    GMC Acadia, Sierra, Yukon and Yukon XL
•   2006-2009    Hummer H2
•   2007-2008    Saturn Outlook.

As the factory installed heated washer unit the AT-37GM Heated Wash operates in “Automatic” mode.

The unit starts to operate when the ignition is on (engine running) and the unit’s control switch is pressed. Once the unit is
activated it heats the washer fluid inside a self contained heating chamber for approximately 30 seconds and then
automatically provides 4 consecutive sprays of heated fluid in conjunction with the windshield wipers. There is
approximately 10-20 seconds between each spray (depending on outside temperature). The AT-37GM will shut down
automatically after the completion of 4 sprays, or if the driver pushes the control switch during the cycle.

This unit is a direct replacement for GM vehicles with original attachment and OEM connectors.

Unit is backed by a minimum 12-month / 12,000 mile warranty for manufacturer's defects.

Some dripping from the washer nozzles may occur during the unit operation due to the fluid expanding during the heating


The original GM heated wash unit had a very wide tolerance for fluid temperature. Some units overheated the fluid
causing excessive steam, pre-spray and alcohol evaporation. This overheating reduced the amount of hot fluid that
reached the windshield and the reduced alcohol could cause the fluid to freeze.  

Via an enhanced internal temperature sensor and software, the AT-37GM fluid temperature has been optimized for peak
performance. This optimization allows the maximum amount of hot fluid to reach the windshield with shorter heat cycles
and the maximum amount of alcohol.  The AT-37GM Heated Wash performance meets global OEM specifications.  

Most people have never tried to feel the temperature of the fluid produced by the factory installed heated wash unit.
However, many people attempt to feel the fluid temperature of their replacement unit. The temperature of the fluid cannot
be determined by touching the fluid in the air while it is spraying or by touching the fluid after it is on the windshield. The
fluid temperature can only be felt by resting your hand on the nozzle for the entire length of spray. The temperature of the
fluid will peak in the middle of the spray. Also, each spray will be slightly warmer than the previous as all of washer
components heat up. If you cannot reach the spray nozzle, you can feel the spray at the output of the unit by
disconnecting the output hose.
AlphaTherm Heated Wash is made in the USA
based on Automotive Industry Design & Process Standards  
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AlphaThem has developed a universal heated wash unit, called the AT-37GM, that replaces the production GM unit.
The AT-37GM is AlphaTherm’s latest generation heated wash unit that will plug into GM vehicles without any necessary
This plug and play unit, can be easily installed by yourself or  by any repair shop in 15 minutes or less.
The AT-37GM exceeds the requirements of the original GM heated wash.
The module contains a higher quality plastic material, rubber seal around main cover, silicone coated electrical terminals,
new printed circuit board design with electrical circuitry rated two times higher than the original GM heated washer unit,
allowing the unit to survive a much harsher electrical environment.
Our customers are our #1 priority. However, please be patient with us. Since the announcement of the latest GM recall
concerning heated wash system, orders and inquires have been overwhelming. If you have placed an order or requested
information, we will make every effort to ship your product or respond to your request within four (4) business days.
Thank you.
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