AlphaTherm is proud to be a US manufacturer. All of our Heated Wash products are
assembled in USA.

AlphaTherm’s HeatedWash patented technology has been applied in over 1.5 million
Original Equipment Manufacturer units. The company has been focused on the original
equipment car and light truck market but is now focusing its products and technology in the
heavy truck and after market industries.

The nucleus of the AlphaTherm Research and Development team consists of the original
inventors of the technology and they continue working on creating enhanced product models
that improve performance. The core AlphaTherm team members have over 50 years of
combined experience in heat transfer devices and in the automotive engineering and sales

Significant time and engineering expense over the last six years have positioned the
company’s technology to meet the rigorous engineering and design requirements of major
Alphatherm has a distinct advantage over any company that might attempt to compete with a
competing washer fluid heating system due to the strength of Alpha Therm’s patent portfolio.
About Us
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AlphaTherm is a dynamic Research and Development Company focusing on electrical heating, cooling and heat
exchange devices.   AlphaTherm has focused on Aluminum Clad Based Technology, Tubular Heaters, Peltier Thermal
Electric Elements and Aluminum Casting Heaters.The company has utilized temperature transfer technology to create
windshield/headlamp and radar cleaning systems.   In addition, AlphaTherm has developed and delivered fuel cell heating
systems to a major Original Equipment Manufacturer.

AlphaTherm currently has eight global family patents based on Smart System Cycling, Sensors, Controllers, Heating
Elements and Heating Chambers.
Alpha Therm is an applied technology company and has utilized its patented, patent pending and other proprietary
technology to develop a compact system with a self contained heat source that heats fluids.    

AlphaTherm is currently the world leader in the design, development and sale of windshield washer fluid heating systems.
The company has been involved with Tier 1 electronic system integrators that sell directly to vehicle manufacturers.