Can the AT-38OD unit crack or damage the windshield?
No. The unit has been extensively tested and proven to be a quality and safe product.
It will not propagate any existing stone chips or cracks either.
If I have a heated windshield, why do I need the AT-38OD unit?
A heated windshield is only beneficial in de-icing the windshield. AT-38OD can do the same job several times quicker.
In addition, it will minimize ice build-up on the wiper arm, keep the wiper blades flexible, remove dirt, grime and salt
from the windshield, ensuring constant visibility in all weather conditions.
If I have a heated nozzles, do I need the AT-38OD unit?
Yes. Heated nozzles do not heat the washer fluid. Heated nozzles only prevent the nozzle from freezing.
If I have a heated grid, do I need the AT-38OD unit?
Yes. Heated grids only keep wiper blades in proper condition. It does not help to de-ice or clear the windshield.
Do I still need to use washer fluid?
Yes. It’s crucial for optimum performance and prevents the washer reservoir from freezing.
In the summer months a bug wash will assist in the cleaning performance.
How much power does the AT-38OD unit draw?
The unit consumes less than 2 Amps per hour.
Can the AT-38OD cause any damage to a battery when the engine is off?
No. The unit operates only when the vehicle voltage is 13.0V or higher. The unit turns off when the voltage is 12.7V
or lower. The normal engine off voltage for a battery is12.4 – 12.7V.
How long does it take to heat?
From initial start up in severe cold conditions (-18C), it will take 40 seconds to heat the fluid.
Recommended time intervals between sprays is 20 seconds.
Spray duration typically 3-4 seconds.
Why does the windshield still feel cold right after the spray?
Our goal is to get the windshield above freezing (>0C or 32F). Your body temperature is 36.6C (98.6F).
So you can’t judge the effectiveness of the unit by feeling the windshield with your hand.
Can any damage occur if I spray the washer fluid when the wiper blades are frozen to the windshield?
No, there should not be any damage. The wiper blade system has protection against overload. If the current is too
high while the wiper motor tries to move the wipe blades then the protection is activated and the motor shuts off.
Or the wiper blades could be released by warm fluid before the overload is detected.
Can AT-38OD unit release frozen nozzles?
Yes, the unit can release frozen nozzles when they are covered by snow or ice IF there is still a tiny hole that the
washer pump will be able to push warm fluid through.
AT-38OD unit will not be able to release frozen nozzles if they are blocked completely.
It may happen when rain water or melted ice gets inside the nozzles too deep and freezes there.
My unit seams to be working but the washer fluid temperature is cooler than expected
The following things can be done:
1.) Remove the upper output hose from the unit and spray for minimum 3 seconds. Feel the fluid exiting the unit with
your hand, right at the unit. It should feel very hot. If it is, check the hose between the unit and the nozzles.
Perhaps the hose is too long.
2.) If the fluid does not feel hot, most likely it is an electrical connection issue (poor ground or positive connection).
Please refer to the manual instruction (troubleshooting section) for more details.
Frequently Asked Questions
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